There are many claims and stories out there about Ashtar. Here we will talk about who he really is, what he looks like, his twin flame and more.

Who is Ashtar Sheran?

Ashtar Sheran is the Commander of Ashtar Command. He has the main responsibility for all the fleets in the GFL.

Ashtar was born about 20 000 years ago on Erra in the Pleiades, meaning he is incarnated in a physical body.

Ashtar has a son and a sister who are incarnated here on earth.

What does Ashtar look like?

On this website you will find a few images that represents Ashtar, and they aren't that far off, but none of them is 100%.

Ashtar is about 2 meters (about 6,5 feet) tall with broad shoulders and a fit body. He has light blond, long hair and blue, big eyes. He dresses often in white clothes and from time to time he uses a cloak. 

What kind of person is Ashtar?

There are stories about Ashtar that claim that he is evil, that he is a murdurer, that he is in jail or that he is dead. None of them are true. In a matter of fact, these stories are not true at all.

Ashtar is a kind and loving person. He is gentle and calm. He can also be determined, stubborn and serious, but in a good way. He is a person you would like to be around because of his pleasant energy.

Is Ashtar Archangel Michael?

From time to time you can read channelings from Ashtar/Archangel Michael. If you do, then know that these channelings are false. Ashtar and AA Michael are two completely different beings. So NO, Ashtar is NOT Archangel Michael.

Does Ashtar have a twin flame?

Yes, of course. Everyone has a twin flame, but it's not Athena like some might think. Ashtar's real twin flame is incarnated here on earth in Sweden together with their son.