There are many different types of dreams. Here is a little information about them.

Symbolic dreams:
Symbolic dreams are the dreams that rarely make sense. They are messy and often involve things like being naked, losing hair or teeth and so on. These dreams are trying to tell you something about you.

Astral dreams:
Astral dreams often have a flow to them. They often make sense without much jumping from one place to another. They also feel real. Experiencing touch, smell or sound can be an indication to an astral dream, but astral dreams can mix with symbolic dreams, which can be confusing.

Visions are dreams that tells you things about for instance the future or an event that goes on right now. Sometimes these dreams can come in symbolic form, but other times they are very straight forward.

Why are dreams symbolic?
Symbolism is something your higher self uses to communicate with you in a way that you will hopefully understand. Giving you information or symbols that doesn't mean anything to you will only lead to you either ignoring the symbol or getting confused. You must find out for yourself what each and every symbol means to you. Your higher self will know your interpretation and will later on use it. For instance - what does dim light mean to you? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Sadness? Negativity? Or maybe relaxation? Go with what feels right for you.

Remembering dreams are often the most difficult thing though. Here is a way you can try:

Tell yourself at bed time that you will remember your dreams and in the morning don't rush up from bed. Instead lay there for 2-3 minutes and try to recall your dream. If you recalled it wrote it down in a book you have close at hand. Repeat this every night and give it time. It might take a few weeks or maybe even months, but eventually you will remember your Dreams.