Everyone has a twin flame. He or she is the other half of you and together you are one, but at the same time you are two complete beings on your own. Twin flames are very much alike when it comes to personality and interests. You know your twin flame better than you think. You are aware of him or her on a deeper level, and you will see her/him just by simply looking at what you find attractive in a partner. Your twin flame is and always will be "the one".


What attracts you the most? Is it long or short hair? A round or oval face? Big or small eyes? Come up with all kind of different questions and answer them. Sit down and imagine his or hers appearance, and if you are honest with yourself the image you'll create will be very accurate. Maybe you'll even be surprised over how accurate once you'll find your twin flame.


Do the same thing with your twin flames personality. Is he or she a shy or outgoing person? Calm or wild? Talks a lot or is more quiet? Remember that your twin flame is the ultimate affection and attraction. He or she has everything you have ever looked for in a partner.

Now ask yourself what your twin flame does for a living. This one is maybe more difficult to answer, but you can come pretty close anyway. Are you attracted to a high position, or maybe a healing position, like a doctor or maybe a shaman? Or is it something else?

One last thing you can do to get to know your twin flame better is to look at yourself. Many of the things you enjoy, or don't enjoy for instance. Your twin flame will most likely feel the same about them as you.


But at the same time there are small differences between twin flames as well. Often they aren't big. For instance it can be that you prefer different colors or have different tastes in food and so on.